The Story of the Ground Floor of BCity Hotel

The Story of the Ground Floor of BCity Hotel

B City Hotel was re-born in late winter 2016. The Stizzoli’s Family decided to take over the building been called “Giò Hotel” for the past 10 years. The poor, old, Giò Hotel hosted a lot of groups from tourist agencies and crazy teens on a school trip. Oh, and a trashy spaghetteria was there as well…That’s why it definitely needed a restyling!

Just for you to have an idea, we started from this…

…and re-branded the ex Giò Hotel to B(ardolino) City Hotel !


Then, an extreme makeover took place in about 3 months (working in a rush makes the experience even better) thanks to Claudia’s ideas and a team of exceptionally professional workers, painters and carpenters.

From the inside, the bar turned into an open space together with the breakfast room: an old wooden door covered the bar counter and the floor became a fusion between majolica tiles and laminate. The color palette is kale green, chalkboard black, walnut brown and cool grey.

As for the breakfast room, instead, First Things First! So, we got rid of all the priceless furniture we found, in order to be able to see this fabulous pink flooring.


And after a new flooring, painting the walls, visiting all the vintage funiture shops we know and going crazy with wallpaper as Claudia loves to…we decided to give the breakfast room a little urban jungle twist: palms, bamboo, cactus and jungle wallpaper. Small, round, intimate tables for couples in love surround long tables for family and friends.


Last but not least, I couldn’t actually wait to share this AMAZING sofa we found at the entrance and the most welcoming reception desk ever…


Sad enough, we had to get rid of that lovely red couch and the hall became a cozy old school “salotto” with a library & travelling vibe!

This was in short the story about the ground floor.

Curious about how the rooms looked like? Stay tuned, next story coming soon!!!